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  • Wednesday, November 10th for Special Event.
  • Thursday, November 11th for Remembrance Day.

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Friday, November 26th to Tuesday, January 11th the Museum is open by appointment only

“On behalf of the Halifax Regional Municipality, I apologize to the former Africville residents and their descendants for what they
When dump trucks roared in to ship Africville residents out, it seemed like a good idea to city planners. By the 1960s,
The former residents of a bulldozed black community and their descendants have received an official
Brenda Steed-Ross, a former resident of Africville and the founder of the Africville Genealogy Society, was moved to tears during
Africville, the former black settlement in north-end Halifax, was first settled in the 1830s when former American slaves and
The replica of Nova Scotia's historic Africville church was revealed Sunday, but