The Africville Museum will be CLOSED on Tuesday May 21st. Starting May 22nd, please visit with from 10am to 4pm as we observe summer hours of operation.                The Africville Heritage Trust Board of Directors is current seeking individuals with the following Skills sets: Finance, Marketing/Fundraising. For more information contact Donna Colley-Howe at 902-422-1116           Read a new interview with Juanita Peters at

Learning about Africville

Visit the Africville Museum exhibits to learn about life in Africville, and the struggle for recognition following the destruction of the community. School classes and other groups can arrange for visits.

Visit Africville

Visit Africville through photographs of the community at work, at play, and at prayer. Share your own photographs and memories of Africville!

Support The Project

Share the spirit of Africville and help keep the story alive. Your donation will help to ensure that the history of Africville is not forgotten.